There Is Hope For Those Struggling Under Their Student Loans

  The New York Times ran this article today explaining how the Income Based Repayment plan or IBR is giving lots of  people some relief

Filing A Bankruptcy In The New Year

This article drafted by fellow NACBA memeber, Reed Allmand,  bring up several things to consider in the New Year as a reason to file bankruptcy

Tax Refund Bankruptcy and a Fresh Start Part 2

Now that you have made the decision to file for bankruptcy, and you are going to use your tax refund to do so, there are


It is a New Year and time for a fresh start. It’s time to start working on that resolution to make this the year you


We started noticing this trend earlier last year when several of our clients brought us copies of civil lawsuits filed by private student loan lenders.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau a Great Resource

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a great resource for finding information about consumer protections, education and laws.  Visiting their website can help you get

How To Pick A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Here are five tips on how to choose a bankruptcy lawyer.  I would agree with most of these suggestions. in the article. A bankruptcy lawyer

Common Bankruptcy Questions Updated

Top Ten Bankruptcy Questions    Why won’t you quote your fees over the phone? Our fees are based on your needs. If your

Bankruptcy Questions # 1. Do Married People Both Have to File Bankruptcy Together?

The answer to the question is NO But the better question: Is it WISE to file bankruptcy without your spouse? Here are some of the

Time to Look at Options on Repaying Your Student Loans

January is always the month we plan to get a handle on out lives.  We make plans to diet and we make plans to get

Help with Paying Your Heating and Electric Bills

Every winter people struggle to pay their heating and electric bills.  It now seems the support services are overwhelmed with people seeking assistance.  The Dayton


This is a good time of the year to take a look at where you stand.  It is a good time to clean up your

Its That Time of the Year to Review Your Options and Get A Fresh Start

It is a New Year and time for a fresh start. Did you know you can use your tax refund to achieve that goal? This

Be Weary of Title Loans …. It Can Cost You Your Car.

A Title Loan is loan you take out against the equity in your car.  You can only get a title loan in Ohio if you


Subprime lending is the lending of money to individuals that do not qualify for the best lending terms.  Historically this has been people with lower


GPS technology is a great thing at times.  You can always check into a bar, a restaurant and the library and let people knew where


Another court has ruled that a NO MONEY UP FRONT Chapter 7 bankruptcy is improper.  The courts continue to review the efforts of lawyers  who

How to Get Student Loan Help

Student Loans are one of the biggest debt problems many people face today.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau offers a Student Loan Repayment Tool.  This tool is easy to use and can help you review your options to get control of your student loan debt.  

Ten Simple Bankruptcy Questions Revisited

Top Ten Bankruptcy Questions    Why won’t you quote your fees over the phone? Our fees are based on your needs. If your

CFPB Sues to Stop Collection Lawsuit From Violating the Law

If you have been sued by a collection law firm it is best to contact a lawyer to learn what you rights are.  The longer

Private Student Loans vs Government Student Loans

There is a difference.  The borrower has more rights under the Government Student Loan programs.  They usually pay less interest.  There are programs designed to

National Association of Chapter 13 Trustees Conference in New Orleans

Elizabeth Chinault and Wayne Novick are in New Orleans at the   National Association of Chapter 13 Trustees annual conference.  We are here to learn more and learn how to help our clients do better in Chapter 13s

The Advantages of Chapter 13 – Taxes

Taxes are a complicated issue in the bankruptcy world.  Some income taxes are discharged after three years.  Some taxes are not discharged at the end of your bankruptcy.  However if you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you may be able to discharge some of the older income tax debt and then design a plan that will pay off any remaining taxes over a five year time period. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy you can only discharge income taxes that are more than three years old from the time they were due (along with some other requirements).  All other taxes will pass through the Chapter 7 bankruptcy and you will still owe them.  You will then have to deal with the taxing authorities directly.

I Am Broke How Do I File Bankruptcy

A typical problem facing individuals who are contemplating filing for bankruptcy is how to pay their attorney fees and the court costs associated with filing.  We often hear: “I have no money so how am I supposed to pay you?” A typical bankruptcy case in Ohio can cost an individual a minimum of $1,000.00 or more to file. This makes it difficult to file bankruptcy for a lot of  people.

Advantages of Chapter 13 If You Own Your Home

There are many advantages to filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy if you own a home.  There are ways to protect your home, stop foreclosures, remove liens and catch up back payments.  These advantages often make Chapter 13 the better option over filing a Chapter 7 when you own your home.

Shorts Sales vs Foreclosure Sales – Does It Make a Difference on You Credit Score

People are always asking “Will  my credit score be better if I do a short sale as opposed to let the house sale at a foreclosure sale.  The answer is not really.

The Advantages of Chapter 13 – My Car

There are many advantages to filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy if you own a car.  There are ways to protect your car in Chapter 13 from your creditors.  There are advantages in a Chapter 13 over a Chapter 7 for the owner of a car

The Advantages of Chapter 13

THE ADVANTAGES OF FILING CHAPTER 13 Should I file bankruptcy?  What are the advantages of a bankruptcy filing?  Which bankruptcy should I file.  Below are some of the advantages of filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Mortgage Forgiveness Act of 2007

If you sell your house short or if you house sells at a sheriffs sale what happens to the balance that you owe?  Many people

Student Loan Trap

A historically look at the way private student loans have been treated and their effect on the students.  There really was a point in time

Are You Too Broke to File Bankruptcy

We are starting to see a lot of folks who want to file bankruptcy but are in such bad  financial shape it maybe impossible for

Filing Bankruptcy When You Own A Business

Often times people are hesitant to contact an attorney or consider bankruptcy when they own a business. They are concerned that by filing a bankruptcy,

New Year…Fresh Start! It’s Tax Refund Time!

It is a New Year and time for a fresh start. Did you know you can use your tax refund to achieve that goal? This

President Obama Tries Again Fix The Housing Issue

President Obama released a new plan to try to stop the foreclosure crisis and help people stay in their homes.  Obama new plan here

Filing Fee and Costs Only To Start a Chapter 13

Starting November 10, 2011 Wayne Novick and Elizabeth Chinault will get your Chapter 13 started for you so long as you can pay the filing

Why Moving Your Money To A Credit Union May Not Be A Good Idea

Should I Move My Money to a Credit Union? Should I move my money from a big bank to a credit union or  to a

How Much Does It Cost To File Bankruptcy?

It seems that every day we are getting 2 to 3 calls a days asking for a fee quote for bankruptcy services.

Bankruptcy Filing Fees Increased November 2011

The Filing  Fee in Chapter 7  cases increased from $299 to $306. The Filing Fee in Chapter 13 cases increased from $274 to $281.

Benefits of Chapter 13

There are some pretty neat things that a person can do by filing Chapter 13. 1. Lower their car payment by reducing the interest

Walk Away From Your Home

There is still good arguments being made for trying to stay in your home or to walk away if you can not make the payments. 


The National Association of Bankruptcy Lawyer along with several other Consumer groups is trying to get the Obama Administration to work with the Mortgage industry

Can a Married Person File Bankruptcy Without Their Spouse?

The answer to the question is yes. But the better question: is it WISE to file bankruptcy without your spouse? Here are some of the


The answer to this question is…Maybe. In Ohio, only a portion of your income tax refund is “safe” from the bankruptcy Trustee. For example, any


So now is the time of year when you are filing your taxes and you are about to receive the largest lump sum of money

What happens to the co-signer in Bankruptcy?

If your car loan or other installment loan has a co-signer, like your mother or father, what happens to them if you file bankruptcy? The

How Can I Do PreBankruptcy Credit Counseling

The bankruptcy law requires that you complete a credit counseling course prior to filing.  We try to make this easy on our

Collection Calls What Do They Mean

The majority of calls I receive in a day are from my clients (or potential clients) who are receiving calls from collection agencies. These collectors

Debt Limits For Filing Bankruptcy

As of April 1, 2010, more people than ever are able to file a chapter 13 due to debt level increases.  When you file a

New Rules to Protect Consumers

Have you considered consulting with a debt relief agency to help you manage your debt? Beginning October 27, 2010, debt release agencies will have to

Do I Have To List My Child’s Car That Is Titled in My Name In My Bankruptcy

One of the most important rules of filing bankruptcy is full disclosure of all your debts and all your assets. That includes all assets that

What Does Joint Debtor Or Authorized User Mean on My Credit Report

If you and your spouse are considering whether to file bankruptcy together or not, there are many things to consider. However, you should first look

The Benefits of Filing Chapter 13 With Real Estate

When you think of bankruptcy, you likely think that the best route to go would be to file a Chapter 7. This will discharge all

When Is The Best Time to File Bankruptcy

            The answer to this question varies significantly depending on your individual circumstances. Most of the time, the best answer is “as soon as possible.”

We Are Debt Relief Agents and We File Bankruptcies for People

The Supreme Court recently upheld the Debt Relief Agent portion of the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005,  It Further upheld the advertising requirement for all

Can I Keep My Favorite Credit Card When I File Bankruptcy?

The number one rule when filing bankruptcy is full disclosure of your assets and debts. That means that you have to list everything that you

How To Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney

So now that you have made the decision to file bankruptcy, the next question becomes, “How do I choose the right attorney?” Just like going

Things To do While Waiting to File My Bankuptcy Part 1

There are a number of things you should do while deciding to file bankruptcy.  These things are important to do while waiting for your lawyer

Is My 401K Safe If I File Bankruptcy?

The short answer is yes.  Retirement accounts are safe from creditors including 401K accounts if you find you need to file a chapter 7 or


Often times people are hesitant to contact an attorney or consider bankruptcy when they own a business. They are concerned that by filing a bankruptcy,

My Car Has Been Repoed How Can I Get IT Back

If your car has been repoed (repossessed) the filing of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy  may help you get it back.  You need to get your

What To Bring To The 341 Meeting aka The Meeting of Creditors

You have filed your bankruptcy.  Shortly thereafter you will receive a notice telling you that you have to be in court for a 341 meeting

I Am Behind On My Utilities

Bankruptcy can help you catch up your utilities if you are behind.  Utilities owed through the day of the bankruptcy are included in the bankruptcy.

Why Should I Fill Out A Questionnaire Before My First Appointment

The Law Offices of Wayne Novick and Associates sends you a questionnaire by email, fax or mail before your first appointment.  We do that so

Bankruptcy Options For People

Most  individuals or couples have 2 options when it comes to filing bankruptcy.  They can file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  Most people try to

The First Meeting

Many clients are very nervous about the first meeting.  They are not sure what to expect.  A first meeting is different in different law office.

Taxes and Bankruptcy

In Ohio your tax refund is part of your bankruptcy estate. It is important to understand how this works 1. If you file

Call Congress Today Mortgage Modification Bill Again

Dear NACBA Member, YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED NOW! Later this week, key members of the House of Representatives will offer an amendment to the

Dont Abandon Your Foreclosed Real Estate

Many times people leave their homes as soon as they receive a foreclosure notice.  This is the wrong thing to do.  Stay in your home People are scared and afraid of the notice. They are afraid they will not have a place to live.  

Wayne Novick is Interviewed for the Dayton Business to Business Magazine

Below is a copy of the Article that appeared in the October Issue of Dayton B 2 B SURVIVING ?BANKRUPTCY Getting through painful process

Help With Your Mortgage Modification

We have now beome a member of the Debtors Counsel Loss MItigation Web Portal.  This should help us provide better contact with the mortgage modification departments.

Credit Counseling

The bankruptcy law requires that you complete a credit counseling course prior to filing.  We try to make this easy on

Wayne Novick to blog on National Bankruptcy Website

Starting the week of July 27 Wayne Novick will begin a weekly blog fora National Bankruptcy Website My blogs will appear with a number of

Mortgage modification Scams

Many of the ”so called mortgage modification companies” are nothing but scams.  Generally if they are asking for money up front they are

You can watch Wayne Novick on You and the Law

You can watch my appearance on You and the Law by following the link One hour discussion on many bankruptcy topics

Wayne Novick To Appear on You and the Law

On October 5 2009 Wayne Novick will appear on cable TV live call in show You and the Law from 7 to 8. It will be on Channel 20 Please feel free to call in with any questions This show will repeat through the week and month


The most important thing to bring is everything. Completing a questionnaire gives the lawyer the best view of your problems . The more
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