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National Student Loan Data Center Log...

The Log In System for the National Student Loan Data Center changed effective May 10, 2015.  Here is a link to information on the new system.  National Consumer Law Center has set up a helpful set of  instructions here.   There have been some issues with creating the new log in but in general most issues […]

Student Loans : Helpful Resources

Finding help to manage your student loan gets easier all the time.  This is not a quick fix to help you pay back your loans but to send you to some of the resources available so that you can understand your student loan repayment options. The first thing you should do is to determine if […]

How Many Credit Reporting Agencies Ar...

Most of us believe that there are only three credit reporting agencies.   The Big Three:  Equifax, Equicredit, and Transunion.  These are the main ones that can influence your ability to borrow money, how much you can borrow, and  at what interest rate.  Each of the Big Three maintain there own websites.  You can access […]

Attorney Generals Announce Settlement...

30 State Attorney Generals including Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine announced a settlement with the major credit reporting agencies.  The settlement will bring more light to how information is reported on your credit report.  It will make it easier for consumers to dispute errors on their reports.  Some of the changes will include generally preventing […]

There Is Hope For Those Struggling Un...

  The New York Times ran this article today explaining how the Income Based Repayment plan or IBR is giving lots of  people some relief from their student loans.  It is important to be current or get current.  You can then explore your eligibility for an IBR repayment plan. You can go to the Consumer […]

Filing A Bankruptcy In The New Year

This article drafted by fellow NACBA memeber, Reed Allmand,  bring up several things to consider in the New Year as a reason to file bankruptcy now.  Of course the decision to file and the timing of when to file varies for each individual and each case.  It is important for you to review your case […]

Tax Refund Bankruptcy and a Fresh St...

Now that you have made the decision to file for bankruptcy, and you are going to use your tax refund to do so, there are a few important things you need to know. You MUST consult with an attorney before you start spending your tax refund money. A portion of your refund may not be […]


It is a New Year and time for a fresh start. It’s time to start working on that resolution to make this the year you will finally get out of debt. It’s time to start looking towards the future and where you want to be not just next year, but five years from now. Did […]


We started noticing this trend earlier last year when several of our clients brought us copies of civil lawsuits filed by private student loan lenders.  Coincidentally all the lawsuits were filed by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust.   Fortunately my clients brought these lawsuits before the 28 days had run.  We were able to file […]

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ...

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a great resource for finding information about consumer protections, education and laws.  Visiting their website can help you get your life organized and may have the answer to your problem.  The section everyone has a story shares with you the stories of the many people they have helped.  Take […]