It is a New Year and time for a fresh start. It’s time to start working on that resolution to make this the

year you will finally get out of debt. It’s time to start looking towards the future and where you want to

be not just next year, but five years from now. Did you realize your tax refund is the best tool to help

you finally conquer your debt and to achieve financial freedom?

Instead of using that money to put a very small dent in your debt, you can spend it on the things you

really want and need and to pay for a bankruptcy to wipe out that old debt once and for all. Instead of

wasting that money to pay interest on your credit cards, you could get your car fixed, make home

repairs, get braces for your kids, or finally get those new glasses that you have needed for a while.

While it may seem unfair that you can wipe out your debt and keep your tax refund, it is not. In Ohio,

you are entitled to keep the portion of your tax refund that is attributed to Earned Income Credit and

Additional Child Tax Credit so that you can take care of any necessary expenses without the bankruptcy

court taking those funds to pay towards your debt. It also makes good financial sense to take care of

those necessities now, while you have the funds, rather than paying on past due debt, only to turn

around and incur new debt to pay for those necessities you have been doing without for so long.

It’s a new year, and a chance to start over fresh. Now is the time to contact us for a free consultation so

you can finally learn what your rights are. Now is the time to get that financial freedom you have been

searching for!