How Many Credit Reporting Agencies Are There?

Most of us believe that there are only three credit reporting agencies.   The Big Three:  Equifax, Equicredit, and Transunion.  These are the main ones that can influence your ability to borrow money, how much you can borrow, and  at what interest rate.  Each of the Big Three maintain there own websites.  You can access your credit report at ANNUAL CREDIT REPORT.  You should be reviewing your credit report every few months for accuracy and before you decide to borrow money.  You can review one report from each of the big three agencies one a year through ANNUAL CREDIT REPORT.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau provides an excellent resource for checking out the specialty credit reporting agencies.  There are lots of them.  There are specialty reports prepared for employment, renting of an apartment, purchasing property and applying for insurance.   This report will show you how to get access to those reports and how to fix the information on those reports.  You should review the information in these reports for accuracy.  It is very important to check out these reports before you rent that apartment or check for that job.  Here is a list of those reports.

Once again the CFPB has provided valuable insight and information for consumers.