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Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorneys 10 Thin...

10 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN HIRING A BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY COMMUNICATION: Your bankruptcy attorney should be able to communicate with you so that you understand what you are doing. The filing of a bankruptcy petition is a difficult thing to do.  An individual should be able to understand the difference between the chapters and why one […]

Filing A Bankruptcy In The New Year

This article drafted by fellow NACBA memeber, Reed Allmand,  bring up several things to consider in the New Year as a reason to file bankruptcy now.  Of course the decision to file and the timing of when to file varies for each individual and each case.  It is important for you to review your case […]

Tax Refund Bankruptcy and a Fresh St...

Now that you have made the decision to file for bankruptcy, and you are going to use your tax refund to do so, there are a few important things you need to know. You MUST consult with an attorney before you start spending your tax refund money. A portion of your refund may not be […]


It is a New Year and time for a fresh start. It’s time to start working on that resolution to make this the year you will finally get out of debt. It’s time to start looking towards the future and where you want to be not just next year, but five years from now. Did […]

How To Pick A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Here are five tips on how to choose a bankruptcy lawyer.  I would agree with most of these suggestions. in the article. A bankruptcy lawyer should be knowledgeable and current with the law.  The Lawyer should be a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyers.   The number one consumer bankruptcy organization. A bankruptcy […]

Common Bankruptcy Questions Updated

Top Ten Bankruptcy Questions    Why won’t you quote your fees over the phone? Our fees are based on your needs. If your case is less complicated, you will pay significantly less than someone who may have serious issues impacting their bankruptcy options. This is why we spend so much time with you at your […]

Bankruptcy Questions # 1. Do Married ...

The answer to the question is NO But the better question: Is it WISE to file bankruptcy without your spouse? Here are some of the issues that must be consider to determine if  Both Spouses have to file bankruptcy. Do you and your spouse have joint debt?   If both parties are on the debt or […]

What happens to the co-signer in Bank...

If your car loan or other installment loan has a co-signer, like your mother or father, what happens to them if you file bankruptcy? The short answer is: it depends. If you file a chapter 13 bankruptcy, then both the debtor and co-debtor will enjoy the protection of the automatic stay.  The automatic stay gives […]

How To Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney

So now that you have made the decision to file bankruptcy, the next question becomes, “How do I choose the right attorney?” Just like going to a specialist when you have a diagnosed medical condition, you want to pick an attorney who specializes in your needs. Below are some questions you may want to consider […]

My Car Has Been Repoed How Can I Get ...

If your car has been repoed (repossessed) the filing of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy  may help you get it back.  You need to get your Chapter 13 bankruptcy filed prior to the sale of the the car.  Once you have filed Chapter 13 the lender is not permitted to sell the car.  The lender must […]